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Servicing You Car with Prestige and Performance Garage Services St Helens

Regular car servicing can help to extend the life of a vehicle, and help to find faults on the vehicle before they become a safety issue or cause the car to breakdown. It can also help to spread out the cost of keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy state.

Thanks to recent changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation, owners of cars under three years old can now get maximum value for money car servicing from us without invalidating the manufacturers warranty. We are able to offer vehicle manufacturers servicing schedules at far cheaper prices. We also offer our own service schedule for cars no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. These services go into great detail without involving the high costs normally associated with this level of service.

Providing servicing to manufacturers schedules is our speciality. Call in or Call us and let us provide a quote for your next car service and REMEMBER this does NOT invalidate your Manufacturers Warranty.

Service & Repairs

Minor Service

Our minor service carries out a wide range of checks and changes the engine oil and engine oil filter. This service will benefit thelower mileage driver and can save them money by not, unnecessarily; changing parts that have done less mileage than they were designed to perform.

Full Service

Our comprehensive full service represents excellent value for money and carries out a great number of checks and adjustments. It will replace the spark plugs (petrol engines only) air filter, engine oil, oil filter and diesel fuel filter (diesel engines only). We will assess a wide range of items for wear and tear and present you with a report that will enable you to see what condition these items are in, together with our own fully trained technicians opinion.

Additional charges will apply to vehicles fitted with platinum and multi-electrode spark plugs and where vehicles require special or synthetic oils.

Contact us for a price on your car service.


Service & Repairs

The braking system on a vehicle is easily one of the most important systems on your car. They are such a basic function it is easy to take them for granted until it is too late. Regular brake checks are extremely important to ensure the future safety and reliability of the vehicle.

We carry out brake checks as part of vehicle servicing programme or you can have them checked at any time by contacting us or calling in. We can carry out all repairs on braking systems from simple adjustments through to ABS faults. We also carry out brake fluid testing as part of our vehicle servicing schedule or as part of brake check. This is done by measuring the boil point of your cars brake fluid. Brake fluid over time absorbs moisture this in turn lowers the boil point of the brake fluid and under certain driving condition can result in the brakes failing.

Our Vehicle service programme will identify any problems with your brakes and provide you with a full written report as to their condition. Or you may book a separate brake inspection at any time.


We have state of the art diagnostic equipment including Autologic, to assist tracing and rectifying electronic related faults in your car. With advanced vehicle technology rapidly becoming standard on most modern cars, technicians must be prepared to work quickly and accurately on a daily basis with state-of-the-art test equipment on a variety of systems sensors and actuators.

There are already over 10 million cars in the UK with petrol injection or engine management systems and, as 99% of all new petrol, engine vehicles in Western Europe are manufactured with this technology, this figure can only increase. These engines need sophisticated test equipment to diagnose faults and system failures.

Should you have an engine management fault on your vehicle we have the equipment and the back up to repair it cheaper than the main dealer.

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